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  • Reading: Articles about the candidates for DE's Senator
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Well, I have successfully slept through my classes since FRIDAY, which makes me wanna give myself a firm kick in the rear for being so stupid. You CANNOT miss that much of Ancient Greek/Latin and now I have *no* wiggle room for the rest of the semester. I need a new alarm clock because my cell phone is NOT doing it for me. XD

I dropped an uber-difficult history class that I need to graduate but couldn't handle this semester, so I will be here an extra year whether I claim the extra major (they just re-added Creative Writing to the curriculum) or not. The teacher is awful. He tells you in the beginning that half of the students WILL fail and I tried to stick with it but his classes and such are too much for me. If I could do the reading and take notes on the stuff at my own pace, maybe, but what he demands out of people in one semester is almost too much to wrap my head around.

And because college wants to kill the students, I have exams next week already. Dude, it's September, I just had a birthday a few days ago and now I have to worry about exams? Please kill me XD

Now, on to the touchy subject that I don't usually delve into or care to be apart of: politics.
If none of you caught on, I'm a rather open-minded person and I suppose I would be labeled as a "liberal" (although of all the labels, the politics ones irritate me the most). Delaware has a Republican named Christine O'Donnell up for a seat as the Senator. This woman is the epitome of what I hate in a politician and she successfully offended and hurt me because of two things that make me me: homosexuality and witchcraft.
I am an openly gay female, and I am an openly practicing Wiccan and witch (since 2000, mind you, when I was in MIDDLE school). This woman thinks that homosexuality is an "identity disorder" and she runs those awful facilities to "fix" gays so that they "become straight" again. As if it's a choice. It's been proven by science that we are born this way and it exists with animals in nature - also, it's been said by the American Psychological Association (I believe) that these kinds of places put more stress on the person, cause them to be more depressed and can lead to suicide - these places do more harm than the "good" they claim to be doing.
On another note, she said she was involved in witchcraft and mentioned a midnight picnic and a satanic altar with blood on it. Witchcraft, for one thing has nothing to do with Satan or blood and neither does Wicca. Witchcraft is more of the holistic healing of things, such as using oils, teas, herbs, and crystals to heal or enhance something and Wiccans praise gods and goddesses and cast spells, but we do have a code of blood is involved and we don't even believe in Satan. Satan is a Christian concept, and they can keep him.
All in all, I hope to all the gods and goddesses there ever were that this sad excuse for a human being is kept out of office or I will have a few things to say about it.
I'm all for Chris Coons, her opponent, of course, who is for gay rights, women's choice, and other things I am concerned about...
I have to make sure I get to an election booth in November so I am able to vote and make sure I have a say so that way if anything goes awry, I will be able to complain about it. Like Mum always said, "Vote. It give you the right to bitch about it later."


I am not sure what this dA Points system is all about, but I've decided that I want to hoard them lol.
So, I copied this link from the page and it says to ask people to click click please?
I can has pointz?


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I'm currently a 23-year-old with many artistic interests. I love to draw (although I am not that great at it), make jewelry, and I would love to learn how to paint, make pottery and glassblowing. I have a lot on my mind all the time and I love to express myself through art and writing.

Current Residence: Newark, DE
Favourite genre of music: Whatever sounds good to me (usually not rap or country)
Favourite photographer: Hm, tough one. There are too many good ones out there.
Favourite style of art: *Shrugs* I'm new to this.
Operating System: Ubuntu
MP3 player of choice: iPod.
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Skin of choice: SKIN?! O_o
Favourite cartoon character: I don't have one; I watch too many animated things to have a favorite.

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